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Welcome to Angel Works Design Studio. Like you…….I have searched and searched but have not been able to get my hands on 99.999(5-9) silver, gold, or platinum jewelry. I love bangles and I wear a lot of them. But I am just so bored with sterling silver.
Everyone sells it and everyone has it in their collections. As a woman, I consider myself unique and pure, and I’m tired of trying to fit in to the mainstream collections that everyone has in their jewelry boxes. I want something as special as I feel about myself. Well……I had to make it myself. You will enjoy these handmade, pure, solid pieces so much, you won’t want to take them off of your arm. And you don’t have to take them off! You can sleep in these as well as shower. They will not bend or tarnish. The feel of pure, solid silver, gold or platinum against your skin is almost sensuous. The shine blows everything else away! Pure silver, gold and platinum outshines any other pieces you may own.
Frequently Asked Questions

Sterling silver is mixed with copper. They do this for strength. That’s why the best sterling you can find is only 92.5. The metals react to one another and that’s why it turns dark and has to be polished. Pure silver will not do that. It stays shiny and brilliant. It has a brilliance that is in a class all by itself. The purer the silver, the greater the brilliance. There is no purer silver, gold, or platinum than 99.999. It is as pure and beautiful as pure and beautiful can get. FINE SILVER, GOLD AND PLATINUM JEWELRY start at 99.9. We are so far past that with our 99.999 silver, gold and platinum. We have gone as far as man can go in our purity.

Why has no one else done this?

Number one is the cost. Number two is the strength. Pure silver 99.999 and pure 24 carat 99.999 gold is softer than sterling silver or say 18 carat gold. 18 carat gold is strong enough to last for years if you take care of the piece. 10 and 14 carat gold are the strongest gold pieces. Platinum is very hard regardless of it’s purity. Our pure solid 99.999 Silver bangles are a quarter inch thick. At this thickness the strength and durability will allow this exquisite piece to last forever and ever and ever.

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I love the look of these pure metals. Nothing else feels so sexy or has the brilliance of these pure metals. They are incredibly fine for going out on those special occasions such as weddings, red carpet events, anniversaries, high-class parties, birthdays and those spectacular nights out on the town with your husband / wife or your significant other. All of our pieces will last forever, and ever, and your kids can fight over who gets them when you leave this Earth